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«Troge Medical GmbH» is a Hamburg-based pharmaceutical company. Medicines and medical devices under the eagle's head trademark are supplied to wholesalers in more than 110 countries. Highest international quality standards and flexibility are the basis of the company.


The essential medicines product group includes antibiotics, analgesics and anti-malaria drugs all basic care medicines such as antibiotics and analgesics, as recommended by the «World Health Organization». In medical devices they focus on manufacturing disposables such as bandages, syringes and canulas, infusion and transfusion equipment, catheters, surgical gloves and other disposables for the operating area.


They supply wholesalers in over 110 countries all over the world, such competence in logistics is vital for distribution. In Hamburg a separate department ensures perfect process management between warehouse, forwarders and wholesalers.

Due to high in-house quality standards and reliability the company’s products quickly developed into a strong brand. Held in high esteem internationally, «TROGE» made the establishing and maintaining of good, long-term relations with partners a part of its philosophy from the very beginning. Theyenjoy great trust throughout the whole world.


«Troge Medical GmbH» is characterized by a high degree of reliability in supplying quality medicines and medical devices. Their  service includes competent specialized advice that is geared to individual requirements.


From the raw materials via production to the end products «Troge»  brand products are subject to strict quality controls. Tests are undertaken in accordance with international standards such as EP, BP, USP, DIN EN and ISO. The company relies on both its in-house quality assurance department and on the work of independent, state-approved laboratories. We test all products carefully, with special regard for ease of use. The company «Troge Medical GmbH» is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. All products carry the CE mark. The CE mark, valid throughout Europe and carried by all «Troge» medical devices, has special benefits. In the European Union the CE mark is equivalent to an official approval. It is also a seal of quality that simplifies registration in non-EU countries.


Production facilities for both medicines and medical devices are in Germany, other EU countries and Asia. «Troge Medical GmbH», a German manufacturer that is subject to EU regulations, grants licenses only to selected partners as a precondition for cooperation. With license partners employees continuously keep checks on all processes for improvement potential on site. In that way, resources are used effectively.


The distributor of company «Troge Medical GmbH» in Armenia is «Tonus-Les» LLC.


Founded in
2000 Yerevan

Award 2010
"European Quality"

2012 Georgia

St. G. Narekatsi
Healing Center

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Pharmaceutical Company
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